Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sri Lukshmi Naarashimhan, Changi Business Park

Sri Lukshmi Naarashimhan, andhra meal

I hope I got the name of the stall right. We were at Changi Business Park and were getting lunch. A co-worker recommended the Andhra meal from Sri  Lukshimi Naarashimhan. It's the stall with the big words 'Vegetarian' in the basement food court (1 Changi Business Park Crescent). I'm guessing that it's a region variant of the South Indian rice meal that is based of Coastal Andhra.

Anyways, this kicked butt! Let's see - the paper cups on the left were from top down sambar, some spicy curry and rasam. The ones on the right were buttermilk and payasam. The little plastic container above is as you might have guessed - ghee. Paired up superbly with the spicy daal powder/podi on the rice. Not sure what the vegetables dishes I had on the side were called. The left item was cabbages and carrots and the green stuff was made of beans I think. And a nice splash of creamy dal on the side. Damn this was good!

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