Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Back in Kuro Maguro

Kuro Maguro, aburi wagyu meshi

We headed back to Kuro Maguro over the weekend for a fuss free lunch of their donburi. Without the office crowd, the shop was actually kinda peaceful and a pleasant place to eat at. Today, we picked their premium aburi wagyu meshi and sansyoku meshi. The latter featuring the trinity of akami, chutoro and otoro from their hon maguro. Hence sansyoku.

Kuro Maguro, sansyoku meshi

It dawned upon me that this was one of those places where the quality of the ingredient held more weight than the skills of the people in the kitchen since it was that quality (in this case, the wagyu and their hon maguro) that really mattered for their rice bowls. Both bowls were delicious, fatty and flavourful. Not to mention pricey.

Kuro Maguro, Guoco Tower

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