Monday, March 06, 2017

More food from Ananda Bhavan

Ananda Bhavan, ghee rava dosai

This could possibly be one of the rare times I'm having a dosai with no stuffings. It's usually been with masala or onions or cheese or a combination of those. This time, it's just a simple ghee rava dosai. Made with clarified butter (ghee) and semolina flour (rava) if you were wondering. They sprinkled some sliced green chillis in them. I like how these rava dosai texturize which ends up with that mix of a little bit of chew and the crisp from the browned portions - spiced up with those chutneys and sambar that they provide.

Ananda Bhavan, cheese pav bhaji

The last time we stopped by here we had their pav bhaji and it was only after I ordered that I realized that they had the cheese version as well. Something that I've not had for ages so here's one. I think they might have added less ghee compared to the regular one because there was cheese in it. Still a pretty tasty snack it made.

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