Saturday, March 04, 2017

Brotzeit, Raffles City

Brotzeit's (#01-17 Raffles City, 252 North Bridge Road) menu doesn't change much. Or perhaps I should say didn't change much. With the exception of a few things. I think. It's been largely the same since they opened years ago and the mainstays, stay. People usually just come for the schweinshaxe, sausages and beer anyways. Me, I dig their spiced red cabbage. Or rotkohl.

I also enjoy their fladen. I've always referred to them as German pizza which is pretty much what they are. Excellent munching it makes. There's one with pulled beef cheek that's actually pretty good. Now I know there's another one that I like other than the Black Forest one.

The other thing which I thought was worth getting were their pork medallions. Something I don't quite remember from their old days but it's been around. Bacon wrapped pork....medallions and some garlic butter I think. Meaty and hearty. It doesn't always have to be schweinshaxe just so that you know.

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