Saturday, March 11, 2017

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier 2017

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, Armenian Street

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier has always been a dependable venue for French food. At least for us it has. By some chance, we've stumbled upon the end of their winter menu again. The spring one starts next month according to them.

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, beet salad

So we grabbed the French beet salad. We had something similar last year around the same time. These multi coloured beetroot were mostly sweet. The yellow ones less sweet than the orange and red ones. This year's rendition of the salad included something they called a celery "cannelloni". I'm pretty sure it was celeriac rather than celery.

Anyways, there were two rolls of those "cannelloni" under all the beets. Looked like they were steamed as well and stuffed with some creamy goat's cheese. Good stuff!

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, andouillette

Can you tell what this is from the picture? We couldn't neither. It's their andouillette, made in house by their chef Brandon Foo. Not much of these gets served here so it's rather easy to remember the ones we've had.  

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, andouillette

Looked like a mess mash even when we portioned it out. Nothing like the tightly packed sausage of intestines it was suppose to resemble. Between the one made by Patrick Heuberger at the defunct Casse Croûte, the labelled A.A.A.A.A. ones from L'Angelus and this one - the former two beats this hands down. I'm sorry to say that this wasn't good at all. The flavours were as messy as its appearances and that mustardy green marinate didn't help.

The unexpected thing from this serving was that the potatoes au gratin tasted of ginger. I know, right? Who the hell puts ginger into these things? What was ginger even doing in this restaurant? And I don't even like ginger unless it's for desserts. But actually, this tasted pretty good. Didn't see that coming did you? Neither did we. Maybe the cream made the difference. It could have been a mistake in the kitchen for all we knew and it will be the only one time ever that a gingered potatoes au gratin is ever served.

This andouillette was the first time we've ever had something that was disappointing from Le Bistrot Du Sommelier.

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, lamb saddle

We've seen their Welsh lamb saddle on the menu for a while now and decided to give it a go since it was recommended by the server tonight. It was lamb saddle cooked in a bread crust. Cool huh?

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, mashed potato

The saddle was served with lamb jus along with a very smooth and very creamy buttery mash. The kind that would coat your oesophagus and trigger thoughts of seizures and heart attacks.

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, lamb saddle

We were wondering if they put the lamb into a hollowed out baked bread of was the lamb encased in the flour and baked together. The inner top part of the bread seemed to have absorbed the lamb juices and flavours from the herbs turning itself into a crusty garlic bread of sorts. 

The meat was pink and tender. There was some chermoula which didn't taste very French-y but worked with the lamb.   

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, lamb saddle

That's the bone that's cooked with the saddle in the bread after we were done with the meat.

Not enough room for desserts today.

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