Saturday, June 02, 2012

ChoWon Garden, Peck Seah Street

I've been wanting to drop by this place (2 Peck Seah Street, #01-01 Air View Building, tel : +65 6225 1317) for dinner for quite some time. Tonight finally happened.

ChoWon Garden, banchan

It started as usual with a selection of banchan. We didn't get any refills this time round. Not that any was really needed.

ChoWon Garden, jaeyuk bosam kimchi

Notable mention went to the jaeyuk bosam kimchi which was marinated pork belly with kimchi. The slices of pork were served piping hot while the kimchi (which contained a few raw oysters) was almost icy cold. The chilled kimchi from this dish was stronger in flavour than the crunchier ones from the banchan which were less fermented. Eaten with the slices of pork, the taste altogether became different than if one were to eat either the pork or the kimchi separately. Couldn't really describe how it was, but we thought the synergy of flavours was good.

ChoWon Garden, oyster omelette

There was a dish of fried oyster battered in egg which was pretty decent if ordinary. They tasted like how they looked.

ChoWon Garden, sundae kuk

ChoWon Garden has a Korean spicy sausage soup call sundae kuk. It was served bubbling hot and the broth was redolent with a heavy umami flavour that was probably infused by what seems to be tang hoon stuffed sausage (amidst some other stuff that looked like it might be blood). And bits of fatty, some chewy, some crunchy cartilage like bits of unknown parts that had been simmering in the spicy broth. It was very delicious.

Certainly wouldn't mind revisiting again in spite of that air conditioning that can barely be felt.

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