Sunday, June 03, 2012

Breakfast at Club Street Social

The crostinis were excellent. Imagine chilled creamy ricotta with a slice of briney anchovy and a sprinkle of citrus salt. All that on top of crispy sliced toast. The flavors brought together pretty much screamed 'Japanese!' for me.

Lobster bisque was actually pretty decent. Served hot and with enough of that crustacean flavors without being luxuriant like the rendition from Morton's with cream and brandy. Unfortunately the truffle egg toast was woefully inadequate for flavor and their ribeye panini featured meat that was both nicely done medium rare but yet very lacking in the natural flavors of the beef. For a moment, I was torn about how to feel about the sandwich, but I think I will probably never order it again.


red fir said...

What so 'Japanese' about ricotta and anchovy on toast?

LiquidShaDow said...

It's actually more of the citrus salt and the anchovy that sings alongs the lines of yuzu and a fish type, possibly mackerel. Flavors are clean, prominent and light at the same time.