Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kookabura Restaurant and Gastrobar, Albert Court Village Hotel

Kookabura (180 Albert Court, #01-09 Albert Court Village Hotel, tel : +65 8522 2365) is apparently an all day breakfast food kind of place. The ambiance was laid back with a modern-ish chill out vibe from the music and rustic food that could have benefited in presentation from similarly rustic crockery. Loved the food. Awesome grease butter egg protein salt and other carbohydrate stuff that is good that I wouldn't mind coming back to again.

The only dampener about the place was that it ran out of items and the wait staff never knew until an order was processed. It needs to communicate a lot more with itself.

The Kookabura was essentially their big breakfast plate. Strips of thinly sliced lamb proscuitto folded within scramble eggs were awesome. Enjoyed the mint green pea mash. Bacon was bacon. Lamb sausages was gamey, which I liked. Rump steak was flavorful, nicely grilled on the outside, medium well done on the inside and not overly tough. Sun dried tomato damper was great, the dense texture reminded me a little of corn bread/English scones. All in all, it was hearty and tasty and definitely what I could look forward to in the morning. Perhaps, the only gripe was that I would have very much preferred to not be scrounging for more food after a $28 breakfast.

The other item they had on menu that we thought was pretty well done, though in an unexpected manner was their corned beef hash which was a sort of baked casserole of eggs, onions, potatoes, corned beef and Gruyere cheese. The attention to each component on plate was noteworthy. Very much enjoyed their toasted rye which seemed to have a cheesy crust thing.

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