Friday, September 28, 2018

Vatos Urban Tacos, South Beach

Vatos Urban Tacos, South Beach

Vatos Urban Tacos (#01-03, 36 Beach Road, tel : +65 6385 6010) opened with a little fanfare a little more than a couple of years ago. To be honest, visiting them had never crossed my mind until recently. For some reasons I just decided that I should give them a go.

The word 'fresh' on the menu is used fairly liberally here. While the guacamole was described as fresh, they wouldn't make any without cilantro when we asked for them, claiming that it was made in batches and that each batch would last for a couple of days. I'm pretty sure the word 'fresh' doesn't mean what they think it means.

Vatos Urban Tacos, tortilla chips

While their food looks like a fusion of Korean and Mexican, calling them American is probably not too far off the mark. We were served some giant tortilla chips with salsa. 

Vatos Urban Tacos, margarita

Margaritas were a little expensive and had too much ice with too little drink.

Vatos Urban Tacos, galbi taco

Their galbi short rib taco was not bad though. I had mine sans cilantro of course.

Vatos Urban Tacos, fish tacos

Couldn't taste any apple from the apple slaw in their Baja fish tacos but as fish tacos went, these were pretty tasty. As much as they looked like goreng pisang with a thick batter, they were mostly fish meat. 

Vatos Urban Tacos, tamale
Vatos Urban Tacos, tamale

Their tamales were disappointingly dry. The pork carnitas inside them were as dry as the masa looked. 

Vatos Urban Tacos, kimchi galbi grilled cheese

We tried their kimchi galbi grilled cheese which sounded like a nice idea. Sounded is the operative word. Those kimchi didn't quite turn out as nice. Flat, sour and salty paired with more saltiness from the cheese (I did like the crusty cheese). It was a little too much salt and grease for me to like. Not to mention that the little chunks of galbi were tough.

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