Thursday, September 13, 2018

Revisiting Dancing Fish Signature

Dancing Fish Signature, Tangs

A quick one on this revisit to Dancing Fish Signature.

Dancing Fish Signature, mango kerabu

I liked their mango kerabu. A green mango salad that was a few splashes of fish sauce and perhaps a spoonful of sugar away from a som tam mamuang.

Dancing Fish Signature, gulai pucuk paku

Managed to try their gulai pucuk paku - a dish of fiddlehead fern shoots that was accompanied by a coconut laden gravy. Those ferns had a little green-y flavour and were delicious with the lemak gravy.

Dancing Fish Signature, eggplant sambal merah hijau

We had a tender eggplant, split down the middle with their sambal merah and hijau.

Dancing Fish Signature, ayam panggang

And some pretty tasty ayam panggang. It was a pretty decent grilled chicken. The caramelized kecap manis glaze in my opinion was what made the dish.

Dancing Fish Signature, nasi berempah kuning

This time round, we got the nasi berempah kuning - a tasty spiced rice that was as delicious as it was expensive. So good that you could eat it on its own. So good that we had seconds.

Dancing Fish Signature, Tangs

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