Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Le retour à L'Entrecôte

L'Entrecote, steak

Has it been almost 8 years already since that first time we stepped into L'Entrecôte at Duxton Hill? Time surely sidled by almost unnoticed. I managed to get a better pic of the steak they're known for this time round though. Portions seem to have shrunk. If there was anything that really bothered me about this visit, it was that they seriously need much better air conditioning.

L'Entrecote, salad walnuts

We didn't do anything else but their entrecôte steak. I'm not entirely sure if the sauce was exactly the same but I didn't think there would be any reason that anything would change. I still enjoyed it. The meat had some aroma from a bit of char to go with as well. Fries didn't seem to be as good as I remember them. Les Bouchons has nicer fries.

L'Entrecote, Duxton

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