Thursday, November 11, 2010

L'Entrecote, Duxton Hill

L'Entrecote, steak
This was some enjoyable steak frites at L'Entrecote (36 Duxton Hill, S089614, tel : +65 6238 5700). Unlike the other French bistro styled eateries we have, this one specializes in only steak frites. That was the only item on the mains section of the menu that one can order.

What they served was a no pretension plate of what was claimed to be striploin (approximately 180-200g) cooked to the choice of doneness and served with their specialty sauce with a stack of golden shoestring fries. The steak, pre-sliced, was served in two portions. The picture above was the first half.

Was it a good steak? I enjoyed it. Even liked the tangy sauce that it came with. Creamy and robust, that sauce which I found so familiar but was unable to put a finger to didn't overwhelm the flavours of the meat. No complains about their crispy and adequately salted fries as well.

L'Entrecote, bone marrow
There were a bunch of options for entrée and we thought that the rich roasted bone marrow and creamy duck rillettes were good enough that we could come back again just for them.

One however needs to get used to the tightly spaced tables in the restaurant. Conversation from the next table spills over easily. Not the place you'll wanna be at if you're looking for privacy or a quiet dinner. Also not a place I expected to make a conversation with a neighbour an elbow away to discover that he's actually Lamine Guendil, CEO of Senso Holdings.

L'Entrecote, salad


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D said...

They have a branch from the original in Paris, here in New York
I have a recipe for the sauce which is about 90% there

1. heavy cream
2. fresh thyme
3. mustard
4. chicken livers
5. anchovies
6. pesto
7. salt and pepper to taste

LiquidShaDow said...

That sauce was a tangy and I was thinking then, there must have been vinegar in there somewhere. No?

ratatouille said...

u r fast. the bone marrow seemed great. thks for the review.