Saturday, November 13, 2010

Big mixed grill from Colbar

Colbar, mixed grill

It's been quite a while since I've last visited Colbar. I haven't eaten here much so I still found the menu slightly overwhelming. Today, I discovered that their trick was pretty much rearrangement of ingredients over different plates so there wasn't that much else I haven't eaten over the little times I've been here. 

Ordered the big mixed grill since the little one cost just 4 dollars less. Turned up to be a plate laden with some meats that one can get from other dishes on menu (as with all mixed grills). There was the cow, the lamb, some sliced pig, unidentified pig parts in a tube form, a fried egg and a generous slice of cow liver; slathered in a ubiquitous brown sauce along with peas, mushrooms and chips. I can't say that it was anything that I hadn't expected except for the liver - which I'm pretty sure no one else includes into their mixed grill. This was probably one of the largest mixed grills I've had and also possibly the most expensive that I've come across for $25. A load of red meat, grease and stuff that your heart won't forgive you for in one seating.

Colbar, wychcraft

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