Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pupella Pizza, ION Orchard

This was another relatively new pizza joint down at the basement of ION. I've been walking past them on numerous occasions and finally decided to give these fellas, which reminded me of Donatos a try.

Understandably, there was only so much in the "freshly made" taste that one can derive from pizza that's sold over the counter that were heated up only when you ordered them. These were their unheated Parma ham with rocket and their quad cheese pizza which had unexpectedly featured two thickness of crusts. The former being thicker and much chewier since it was left unheated and the other, pretty nice thin crust. I did like the salty Parma ham over a generous bed of rockets, nicely concealed under the pizza. But it was kind of tough chewing through the cold crust. Couldn't complain there since I turned down their offer to have them heated up.

As usual, I would have preferred more blue cheese from that quattro formmagi.


ratatouille said...

any good? i am quite skeptical about pizzas on displays that are ready to eat.

Cavalock said...

hi, is that a takeaway? looks interesting.

LiquidShaDow said...

They're pretty much as they looked for take away pizza on the counter. I couldn't say that they exceptionally tasty, but I couldn't really gripe about them neither.

It's all takeaway there.