Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Sumo-Ya (相扑屋), Pickering Street

We came across the mention of this place (#01-52 Nankin Row, 3 Pickering Street, tel : +65 6904 9116) from a friend and later on social media. After a little "research" online, we decided to give this local setup a go - reeled in by the pictures of their curry and their menu. It was only when we were there that we were informed that they don't do curry anymore. For good. I felt duped because nothing was mentioned on their social media which was obviously updated.

We were served a bowl of meatballs shortly after we had ordered. I had though it to be otoshi. The meatballs were of good quality, nicely done and had a tasty broth. It was only later that we realized that they were served to us by mistake and the restaurant had attempted to charge us for it quietly. I thought it was bad practice making your customers pay for your mistakes. 

The restaurant upsold us and we went along. This was some beef salad with goma dressing. The same type of goma dressing that you could purchase from supermarkets. The salad was quite nice by the virtue of that dressing.

Pictures I saw online of their barachirashi suggested that there were avocados in it. There wasn't any.  The fish was run of the mill, the usual suspects and were still very chilled. There wasn't any discernible vinegar in the rice as well so that probably puts this down to a kaisen don instead. Not exactly what I had in mind after seeing some glowing reviews online. Good thing I learnt never to trust most of them.

Their tori paitan ramen was a good effort. Pretty decent. It needed some improvement for the ajitama which didn't have any shoyu flavour and more firm noodles would have made this a competitive bowl. But I still couldn't get past being duped into coming down without the curry and being charged for food that I didn't order.

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