Friday, September 07, 2018

The Highland beef burger from Nekkid

Nekkid, highland beef burger

I've never thought highly of the premium burgers by The Naked Finn. The fact that it didn't taste outstanding was exacerbated by the listing of what made them premium and a matching price tag. But we were looking for nice burgers out of town and not too far from where we were and we ended up at Nekkid (41 Malan Road). The Naked Finn before The Naked Finn.

The beef was a third pounder. Highland beef (Scottish I presume) from cows that were free ranged, hormone-free and grass fed for their entire life of three years if what I read was accurate.

Like their basic burger, it left me with the feeling that it was getting there but not quite there and hence not exactly worth what we paid for. What I did like was the coarse grind of the patty that tasted a little gristly. The meat had a bit of bite in them which I kinda enjoyed. The menu mentioned blue cheese sauce but I was really getting none of that there.

Nekkid, Malan Road

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