Monday, August 03, 2015

Casse Croûte, Park West Condominium

wolf in sheep's home

Nice little outpost cloistered within a private residential estate (8 Jalan Lempeng, Park West Condominium, #02-02 The Club House, tel : +65 9630 4526) by Patrick Heuberger, formerly of Au Petit Salut and Le Bistrot Du Sommelier. I had never really gotten familiar with his former bistro but the latter, I liked so we made the trip down to have some of his food.

Waiting time was spent on some charcuterie. Most of them - like the duck rillette and the pig head terrine were made in house. Which was the point because as much as they have been derived from traditional recipes, it was unique to this place.

We tried their house made andouillette, pan fried and served with mustard.

The spiced pig intestine and tripe stuffed sausage was delicious. People tend to classify these items as an acquired taste. We've acquired such a taste a long time ago and thus enjoyed all of it. The grind of the stuffings were more fine than those served at L'Angelus.

Their ribeye au poivre was delicious. The meat was a nice shade of medium rare as requested for, crusted with a salted peppercorn crust and paired with an outstanding brandy cream sauce. The sauce was so good that we simply had to help monsieur Heuberger wipe down his cocotte with an extra order of baguette. I'd order this again in a heartbeat.

With all the meat, we needed to balance off the dinner with some vegetables.

And some profiteroles to end. By the way, Le Loups dans la Bergerie was a pretty decent bottle. Enough body to be paired with steak, not too tannic and relatively inexpensive.

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