Monday, August 31, 2015

Small Potatoes Make The Steak Look Bigger : Year Nine

It has been nine years already. Nine years of perspectives in gastronomical proportions. Did I imagine myself to be doing this for so long? No I did not. I didn't see very far ahead then when I started this blog and I still cannot see far ahead today after each year to a Nazgul. No, there're no auguries cast from chicken entrails or swirling tea leaves to be read of what comes ahead.

How long have you been hanging around?


D said...

Congrats bro!

michczl said...

Happy 9th Anniversary and cheers to more! Never stop blogging, my favourite food critic :)

LiquidShaDow said...

Thanks bro! I await your return. DBS needs to be resurrected!

I'm going to be here for quite a long while. :)