Sunday, August 02, 2015

Kanda Wadatsumi, Tras Street

Kanda Wadatsumi, barachirashi

Here's a barachirashi lunch with an additional side of a grilled ayu from Kanda Wadatsumi (50 Tras Street, tel : +65 6221 6264). The rice bowl was rather small and honestly not very impressive at all if not for the uni. We also didn't quite understand not having vinegared rice with the barachirashi. Apparently, they provide a small pot of bonito broth which one could use on the rice like a sort of chazuke. But really, with such a small bowl, how much rice did they honestly expect us to have left for that purpose. 

While it could be argued that one could top up the lunch with an option for zensai/dessert which comes with unlimited refills of rice, I'm not sure the correct idea is to expect everyone to do so. Fortunately, one could easily find a similar and more satisfying option down at Sakari Sushi which was also more straight forward; and in my not so humble opinion, tastier as well just a few literal minutes walk away.

The grilled ayu was quite good. Loved the bitter sweet innards. But it is a little difficult to convince ourselves to come back on the merit of a pricey small grilled fish.

Kanda Wadatsumi,

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