Friday, August 07, 2015

The grilled aubergine and hummus sandwich from Sarnies

Sarnies, grilled aubergine hummus sandwich

There...... trying out a meatless sandwich from Sarnies for the first time. I was thinking that those aubergines might have been freshly grilled but it turned out to be chilled instead, making the sandwich oddly refreshing? Especially when everything else including the roasted capsicum were chilled as well. The only gripe I suppose was while I could see the hummus that was spread onto the bread, I couldn't quite taste it in the midst of all the flavours. Still I thought this was pretty enjoyable. Would have been even better if there was more of that feta cheese to go around though.

Update on 18/10/2015
Sarnies, grilled aubergine hummus sandwich

So we sat near the kitchen today so everything looked a lot more blue. The sandwich today had extra feta cheese which was requested for. There was indeed more feta than the last time, but they were lumped together in the centre that the flavours concentrated in the middle while the edges of the sandwich didn't have any. Speaking of more, there was a lot more hummus as well. Each bite was oozing hummus around the edges of the bread. The greens were totally different from the last round.

The verdict was, it's been inconsistently made. There appears to be more people at the sandwich counter these days, but they gave me the impression weren't too serious about what they were doing. I hope this doesn't signify a downfall in their standards.