Thursday, July 25, 2019

Godmama, Funan

Godmama, Funan

I’ve read posted sentiments which briefly echoes a shallow poignancy about the loss of appreciation for Peranakan cuisine followed by how much the Peranakans have contributed to the history and culture of our country. The purpose of that writing I deduce, was a feeble attempt to craft a pseudo-erudite image as there wasn't even any attempt to explain how the two were related. 

I have more than a couple of thoughts on this matter. I do feel that Peranakan food deserves a bit more attention. I think it’s not so much of a problem in recent years with the new (and old) restaurants getting some spotlight. Even starlight as things were. The other part of me simply thinks - come what may. Peranakan food and its makers intrinsically doesn’t lend itself to survival well as a cuisine because of the effort it takes to create their food and that the people who do it love to - I repeat, love to upscale their take. Not gonna fly if you want to be popular because it’s priced out of the budget of many. 

But I rant…...

This is Godmama (#04-07 Funan, 109 North Bridge Road, tel : +65 6970 0828).

Godmama, cocktail

The menu's pretty curated and there's cocktails. This one I had was described to be made with pineapple rum and pineapple jam. It didn't taste much like pineapple so that was disappointing. But the mezcal in it the gave the drink a smokey depth and the cardamom was a nice touch. 

Godmama, nasi ulam

This was our first nasi ulam. Seen it in pictures but have never tried it till now. Godmama's version. Light, herbaceous and I was quite fascinated by the flavour profile which had somehow omitted the mackerel that was in it. The menu mentioned that an order was good for two but the portion looked like it was just good for one.

Godmama, chap chye

Pretty good chap chye they did. Broth has a clean prawn flavour. There was just enough garlic in the dish that its use could be detected but didn't come off as strong as many other renditions.

Godmama, babi pongteh

Their babi pongteh was nice. Liked the flavour of the fermented soy bean gravy and those tender strips of fatty pork belly that readily fell apart in the mouth. We ordered extra rice for this.

Godmama, sotong masak hitam

Sotong masak hitam was also pretty tasty. Squid was tender and the assam in the squid ink sauce made it very appetizing. Great with that extra rice.

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