Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Putien, chilli

The Eel Festival is happening at Putien again. We didn't come here specifically for that though. It was coincidence that we happened to be here for dinner when it started. Eels are flown in from farms in Guangdong, China live and showcased in the form of dishes for the run of the festival.

Putien, crispy eel in red wine sauce

So we tried something called crispy eel in red wine sauce - what I gathered to be a traditional Fujian dish cooked by coating fried eel fillets with red rice wine from Fujian. The deep fried eel that wasn't very crispy though. For some reasons, the aroma from the red wine sauce reminded me of 排骨王. Lightly sweet, slightly tangy and savoury like a subdued rendition of sweet and sour pork with the earthy flavour from the meat of the eel. Served with a generous portion of kailan. Nice.

Putien, red mushroom seafood lor mee

I thought the small portion of the red mushroom seafood lor mee was a little small the last time so we upgraded it to the medium sized portion today.

Putien, deep fried duck with yam

This deep fried yam stuffed with duck has been on Putien's menu for the longest time but we've never had it till today. We thought it was more delicious than it looked. This dish was a showcase of how a proper deep frying should be done - creating sufficient crisp without trapping excessive grease. There was a crunchy exterior layered underneath by piping hot creamy yam and chunks of duck meat stuffings that were more tender than they looked. So good with their chilli sauce.

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