Sunday, September 12, 2021

Sakunthala's, Safra Mt. Faber

Sakunthala's, Safra Mt. Faber

We've seen Sakunthala's whenever we're at Mustafa and also have been recommended to give them a try. We ended up going for the first time at their branch at Mt. Faber (#01-07 SAFRA Mount Faber, 2 Telok Blangah Way, tel : +65 6261 0314). Food was not bad but the ventilation left much to be desired.

Sakunthala's, lassi

Lassi - first time getting them sugarless. If one is familiar with Greek yoghurt, this tasted similar. The texture had little bits of curdled milk sediments though. 

Sakunthala's, fish kothu prata

This was their fish kothu prata - the back part of the name means chopped prata. As the name implies, this was chopped up prata which also has been stir fried with bits of fish, green chilli, eggs and a bunch of spices. Served with assam fish curry and raita. The savouriness with along with the spices paired with textures from the chopped up bits. Nice. Portions were pretty generous.

Sakunthala's, mutton chops

Their lamb chops were pretty chunky unlike what their menu illustrated - which was a rib of lamb with some meat. The actual serving didn't look like that and had a lot more meat. Ended up having to pack one portion home because it was a little too much food. That meat was pretty tender and yet retained enough meaty bite. Not bad.

Sakunthala's, kashmiri pulau

Kashmiri pulao ordinare? I don't know. Someone could educate me. Most of the time, these don't come with much of real dried fruit. Preserved fruits, yes.

Sakunthala's, kashmiri pulau fruity

So other than raisins, there were maraschino cherries and candied orange peel with nuts. The rice also had ghee. In totality, more ingredients than other renditions we've tried. Those orange peel bits in particular added aroma. The sweetness paired pretty well with the mutton chops and fish tikka. Portions were huge and we had to pack some home.

Sakunthala's, fish tikka

Fish tikka was pretty salty and for all their red and char, didn't taste very smoky. The meat had a muddy/earthy flavour which meant it came from a freshwater fish. Tender and flaky but not so firm.

Sakunthala's, masala milk

Ordered a masala milk hoping that it would taste like the one from Chellas in days gone by. It didn't. But it also didn't taste bad. Would have been nicer if they made this with a stronger masala mix.

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