Saturday, September 04, 2021

Ooh wee! McPepper's back!

McPepper, wrapper

Why was this mention worthy? Well if you didn't know, McPepper was the progenitor, if you would, of the current Prosperity Burger from McD which is available for a limited duration during the Chinese New Year period. The last time we had a McPepper was before the birth of this blog. That's more than 15 years ago. Enough of history.

McPepper, burger

I had the impression that the pepper sauce had changed for the Prosperity Burger throughout the years. I recall them being spicier - having more of that peppery kick than the ones in recent years which appear to be sweeter. But I cannot be sure. The resurrected McPepper has that same sweet-ish black pepper sauce which the beef patties are "enrobed" in. 

McPepper, onions

So it's pretty much as saucy/messy as the Prosperity Burger. What's different with the Prosperity Burger from the McPepper is that the latter uses the diced onions that McD uses for their hamburger/cheeseburger rather than the chunky strips of onions that the former has. The meat/sauce/onions are sandwiched between what appears to be their soft plain steamed buns like the one for Filet-O-Fish. 

This used to cost $2 in the past. Now it's $4.50. While it makes sense to use some necromancy for an old favourite which many probably still like, it kinda lessens the appeal of the Prosperity Burger because it's no longer that one time of the year to get these pepper sauced sandwiches. Also, that $4.50......

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