Friday, September 01, 2006

Anuncie Numero Uno - Botak Jones

Well, after weeks of procrastination and not to mention a certain measure of inspiration from The Traveling Hungryboy, I have transcended the initial inertia and made it past the signing up stage for my little piece of space here to do my little piece of say.

I've finally paid Botak Jones a visit last evening with a friend. This Ang Mo Kio stall is located at a coffeeshop that has no visibility from any main roads within the locale, making it tricky to locate unless you're familiar with the region. For those of you who are too lazy to make a couple of clicks on the links which I have taken the care to provide, the AMK branch is located inconveniently at Block 608 Ang Mo Kio Ave. 5.

I had first heard of this place from Makansutra. The name had intrigued me more than its business initially which prompted me to look into the thread and see what the store was about. Subsequently, I came across it at the The Traveling Hungryboy and then Hardwarezone. Slowly and surely, the repetitive references piqued my interest and I decided to pay the place a visit.

We arrived at Yue Hua Food Place around a quarter to eight. Wasting little time, we got ourselves a seat and got ourselves the menu for a customary browse. I ordered a Double Botak with cheese and said friend landed himself the Cajun Chicken. The food arrived looking like it did in the pictures. The initial impression when the server came with my burger was that, this place didn't try hard to con customers with Photoshop. Which is actually, a good thing.

The standard condiments that arrived after the order was ketchup, chilli sauce and mustard. I hear that HP sauce and vinegar are available. Service was okay and fairly prompt. Something that's not seen often in coffee shop stalls was the number of staff that Botak Jones employs. There were 2-3 persons staking out in front of the store where the menus are located, 2-3 people in the store cooking and a few others serving and taking orders. The whole coffee shop looked to be kept afloat by Botak Most of the patrons which I've noticed are eating from their store and it looks like they have a good thing going for them.

"Smooth Smooth"

Double botak takes 1d4 damage

To the food without further delay. The roundish fat patties of the Botak burger look as intriguing in real life as in the pics. Well the meat's okay, overly done and still rather juicy. It's not spectacular but it definitely didn't suck. I will confess to pre-emptive expectations which was not set high by the way. One lasting image that stuck in my mind after the meal was the hole left behind by the satay sticks that held the patties together. When I made the first cut of the meat, I could see the meat juices ooze out of that tiny hole.

The coleslaw tasted better than it looked. Dug the spicy fries. It's more salty than any real heat; some of those fries came soggy so that scored some points from me. I'm like my fries soggy. Friend got the cajun chicken which he initially recommended, but the beef and cheese won me over last night. I took a piece of the chicken and it was pretty juicy. It actually tasted better than it looked.

Overall, it was a decent eating experience for a local coffee shop western food stall. The food is better than what you get from Swensen's or possibly even Sizzlers, but priced cheaper. Probably will return to try something else.

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May i know do u post the address for the restaurants that u went to?