Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bar Chor Mee Deluxe, Changi Road

Ok, I admit that I made up the name in the topic. I have no flippin' clue what else to call it. "Kok kok" mee. That's why I was told it was called. Located at Changi road, there wasn't a very distinguished front to the store (good luck scanning for it). And the only reference I had of their food ame from a blown up and framed newspaper article on the wall with a reference to flippin' noodles. And as you can see from the picture, the store doesn't even have a flippin' signboard!!

Basically, what we're looking at here was - well....a variant of ba chor mee that came with a slightly different flavour. From what I could gather from a brief glance at the blown up article, there use to be a way using really old crockery which it was made that made the bowl unique. I'm not really sure how to describe the sauce of the noodles, but it did taste somewhat different from the regular bar chor mee. If you like minced meat noodles, this one was not bad. It comes in two sizes - $4 for the regular and $5 for the large making it a bit more expensive than the regular ones. One noticeable quality about the noodles was that it didn't clump together like a ball of yarn. With chopsticks, one can easily sift the noodles and it didn't leave a slick after taste(which I dislike) like many yellow noodles do.

The soup that came with the dry noodles I had contained a healthy dosage of ikan bilis(small dried anchovies) taste. Being not normally into Chinese soup based dishes, I actually kinda enjoyed it. I certainly hope it's not MSG at work.

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just me said...

Think it's called Seng Kee.