Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Romantic Kobe, United Square

I'm generally dubious of the word 'authentic'. It sails in the same rickety boat as 'innovative'. Overused, abused and abused again. Whored relentlessly in the business world in the attempt to convince that would be the essence of their entity. Sometimes, it's the truth. Otherwise is far more, the prolific competitor.

Romantic Kobe is located at the basement of United Square. What sort of name is Romantic Kobe anyway? Run it seems, by a lone Chinese man. This food outlet serves curry katsu rice, curried stewed meats and bentos. Despite my apprehension, we took a table and made the decision to have dinner. Mike got the beef curry rice while Chris and I ordered the deluxe katsu set. I prepared myself for some disappointment.

The deluxe katusu set comes as you see on the right. In counter clockwise order from the left, breaded fried chicken, croquette, breaded fried pork, a single breaded fried oyster and a staight stiff piece of breaded fried prawn. All the meat came across as rather dry. The fried breaded skins that sheathed them looked like a loose cover which easily fell away when I tried to cut them. There was nothing exceptional about the meats at all. However I did note a couple of points about the fried fare. The oyster which is probably the frozen kind did not have a strong taste. That's normally a good thing for me, if not for the fact that it's also dry. The prawn reminded me of a stiff dead lizard and was also, dry. Having said dry so many times, one can imagine the curry sauce to be a salvation to the meal. The only thing that felt Japanese about the meal is probably the curry which I could have made myself. So with the very regular breaded fried meats, can you smell the "authenticity" bubbling in their pot? There, I've pressed that point sufficiently enough.

The curry beef which in my opinion looked better tasting. However, I didn't sample it and somehow, I didn't think to ask him about it. Dude, if you're reading, maybe you'll like to comment. I probably will not be back to eat here again.

Serious Japanese cuisine enthusiasts, I have two words for you. Steer clear.


Anonymous said...

JP curry always sucks (-_-lll

Anonymous said...

I prefer Four Words to Choke Upon...... "mee Siam Mai Hum"

Anonymous said...

Hey dude, you know how the saying goes... "If you have nothing good to say, then better don't say anything" *wink*