Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mid-Autumn Festival @ Taka Square, Ngee Ann City

I wasn't prepared to take photos today but the shutterbug in me escaped again. Here's a series of more or less random images and words taken from the fair which mostly consisted of moon cake vendors which I have chosen not to photograph. What's so exciting about moon cakes anyway? They're almost the same everywhere.

offerings from a Korean roadside themed store, similar to Shih Lin

More food from the same store

Looks familiar?

Yes it does, doesn't it? It's the same store.

Not too long ago...

Looks like carrot cake

"He'll flip ya. I said, he'll flip ya."

The mysterious man behind the cast iron pan.

The clockwork behind the strange green engine of creation.

Machinist Uzumaki Psychedelica

Devilishly tasty condiments for rice.

A landscape view of the store above.

Oodles of noodles....yeah.....

I see crab meat!

Deboned chicken wings stuffed with prawns!

Okay, it's loot time. There wasn't much room left but we just had to leave with somethings. These vegetable seafood cakes (as in chai tao kuay cake) are of a different make from the variety that you see at the pasar malams. For one, the vegetables used are cheaper and it's generously filled with squid. The night market versions come with crab sticks and there's no sprinkle of seaweed. Considering that both varieties cost about the same, this one done by the Japanese guy is clearly the superior in taste and quality. It's good except for the ginger that I really didn't care for.

"What's that coming over the hill? Is it a monster? Is it a monster?"

No not a monster, it's a wasabi flavoured ice cream from Uzumaki and it did taste like it had real wasabi to some extent. If you keep it in your mouth and let it melt before swallowing, you can feel the tiny pinpricks of spiciness slide down the throat. Oooo....

The not so hot hotdog.

This hot dog on a stick came from the Korean store and it didn't taste as good as it looked. The surface was made of square bits of french fries. Rather chunky pieces. The hot dog beneath was also not as "girthful" as it looked. There was actually a layer of bread wrapping around the regular sized sausage. The yellow sauce was what the seller called spicy mayonnaise, but I think it's probably just a mixture of mustard and mayo. I should have known.

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