Sunday, September 03, 2006

ZOMG!!! A Heart Stopping entry!!

Heart Stoppers

Settle down folks, I'm only about to share something I've made before and have in uncommon selfless spirit decided to share. This should've come in earlier but I decided to make a small risk of life and limb to make things a bit easier for those of you who may decide to follow up after this treatise on a heart stopping sandwich. Also, what I'm about to provide is more of a template which will be more than easy enough to follow to the end product sandwich in the photos. I prefer templates to actual recipes because it allows customisation and doesn't make you feel like a failure if the result doesn't end up looking or tasting like described.

This is an easy sandwich. The main ingredients are Fromage bread...


...eggs, milk and some coarse grained pepper.

The Fromage bread may be a little troublesome to locate but I would recommend them for the fact that they taste quite good. The insides of the bread are filled with solid chunks of cheese. Using this bread also allows you to forgo cheese slices (for the cheese lovers). The only place that I know sells them are Four Leaves bakeries. Not all outlets have them. There are other bakeries that do have cheese loaves like Breadtalk but they don't do it the way that it is made at Four Leaves. The picture above shows the full loaves that goes for $3.20 (contains 10 slices). The half loaves cost $1.70 (5 slices). I have noticed that when I purchase 2 half loaves, I am charged the price of one full loaf instead of $3.40 which is a thumbs up for Four Leaves over here.

A can of spam can provide 5 to 6 slices of the meat. It's strictly a matter of preference of how thick you want them to be or how many sandwiches you want to make out of a can. My recommendation is not to go above 6. What you see in the pictures are 5 slice a can thickness. Grill them lightly over a pan or convectional oven. No oil is necessary for obvious reasons. Please feel free to substitute Spam with corned beef or whichever poison you prefer.

The eggs can be scrambled. A lazy or what I would prefer to euphemistically define, "modern" method of getting the eggs done is to beat them with some milk and microwave them on high for short durations. Get them out and stir a little and put them back into the oven again. The stirrings need only happen for a bout 2 - 3 times and once the eggs are solidified and cooked, you get the beautiful yellow that you see in the picture. Add the ground pepper for flavouring if you want.

So that's it. Lay the eggs and fried spam onto your breads and you have your Heart Stoppers. A recommendation that I have is that you can consider placing the sandwich into a convectional oven for a short grill. The sandwich will then have a crispy surface and soft warm insides.

Heart Stoppers take 1d2 of bite damage.

Now repeat after me...

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!!!"

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