Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Lunch at Sakae

Hmmm.....it's been a while since I've lunched here, but since my lunch date preferred to avoid the heavy stuff, it was Japanese and there isn't much options where I work. This Goma Salmon Don came essentially like it looks in the menu. Ground raw salmon over a bed of rice garnished with seaweed strips, seasame seeds and finely chopped spring onions. There was no little yellow flower though. It tasted pretty much as it looks, so not much comments from me.

I also got a side of Ika Teriyaki. Which is essentially grilled squid with teriyaki sauce. I was told that there was a short waiting time of 15 minutes for the squid, but it actually came right after I finished the salmon don. I like grilled squid from Japanese places, and this one is really not good. The squid doesn't have any permeated flavour and it's way too chewy. Avoid this if you like grilled squid too. Beppu and Riverside Indonesian Restaurant has the good ones from memory.


Anonymous said...

nice blog! btw you snap away using a camera or a camera phone?

keep the food entries coming!

LiquidShaDow said...

Thanks. I use a Sony Ericsson camera phone.

Junie said...

i personally think that Sakae's standards have been dropping. If im not wrong, i've tried their Goma Salmon Don and i don't quite like it. its nothing compared to Waraku's minced tuna and spring onion.

LiquidShaDow said...

Yeah, they have been. I remember them being nicer like 3 years back when I first tried their food. I saw the pics of the tuna thing from your blog. I think I'll try it the next time I'm down at Waraku.