Thursday, September 14, 2006

Namly Cafe, SIM @ Namly Ave

I'm on workshop at SIM these couple of days. The catered lunch today was Indian food. I must say I'm a little more than slightly impressed by the limited but decent options. Most local catering leave little or nothing to be desired and the food is often just edible. This one was noticeably above those. Vegetable flour cakes, spring rolls, battered fried fish with some unidentifiable herb, a light and rather tasty vegetable curry with mushrooms and crunchy long beans and a delicious tandoori chicken which was not overly salty. The mini cream puff at tea had a surprisingly tasty custard filling and was actually more chilled than the puff itself. Marvellous. Couldn't have enough of it today. I was told that the caterer for the lunch buffet is the same one that runs the cafeteria in that place which looks like it has a small array of western and local dishes at a very affordable price. It looks to be of a quality beyond what local coffeeshops or even what Hans offers. I didn't recall anything that cost above $6. I'll update this when my second day is done.

Update 15/9/2006
As mentioned, this is the second portion of my update on the catered lunch at SIM. This was lunch today. Garlic fried rice, Mongolian chicken, mussels, satay, curried vegetables. The lunch was indeed good. The pictures do not do justice to the food. The fried rice in spite of its pale appearance tasted quite good. The caterer that runs Namly Cafe in SIM is Kriston. I managed to speak to the manager and he was agreeable to have his business mentioned here. If anyone knows of Kriston or is interested in their catering service, click away to Oh, I almost forgot. Lunch also included a delicious mee siam which was noticeably better than many stores out in the streets. And guess what? There is no hum.

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