Saturday, September 09, 2006

OOO : Thank you for your visit. Please hum again.

Before I go on, I must explicitly disclaim, that I am NOT a partisan player in politics and my general knowledge of Mee Siam is that they do not come with hum (cockles). I don't really enjoy tur kua and this entry is part of the incessant virtual noise which should not be taken seriously by any parties. Thou have been forewarned.

Well, is obvious as obvious gets until it no longer gets veneered by masquerade? Apparently, in their visit to Singapore, IMF has decided to "feedback" certain issues that perhaps were felt necessary for public airing. URBANRANT has made a point and similarly echoed his/her take in the Current Affairs Lounge at Hardwarezone. Something in the clockworks here must really tick off certain individuals elsewhere. And interest from a remote point does not necessarily spell altruism.

Do small potatoes really make the steak look bigger?

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Anonymous said...

Mee Siam does come with hum.