Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mixed innards soup

Most of the time, work lunches are unexciting. One of the better lunch options I do actually look forward to is the mixed organ soup.

It's a pork based soup that contains pig innards like stomach, intestines, liver and well...pork. I like mine with lots of pepper. And on the side, a mix of chilli and dark soya sauce spicing up the meats

This was something that I actually look forward to eating and also look forward to not fully knowing how unhealthy it might be. The meat has some fat. I don't know how well the intestines are cleansed and the liver always looks "medium rare" when I pick up the bowl of soup from the counter. This store does provide theoption of a hard boiled egg(or more if you want) with that delicious brown broth which I can drench my rice with.

Well, at least I get bad cholesterol from eating something that's enjoyable, yeah?

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