Friday, September 29, 2006

überburger, Millenia Walk

überburger, Millenia Walk

You're not going to see a photo or a writeup of the #101 burger, so there. So there I was, after messaging my old friend, X. Yes, X wants to remain anonymous. And no, his first name is not Charles.

The truth was that, I walked in expecting "just good", but not fantastically jaw dropping burgers and hoping for a little bit more in the way of I suppose their überservice and the überambience so that I would not be überdisappointed. I had lowered my expectation of the food from online reads, friends and the fact that the menu actually describes their 200g patty for the sirloin burger as colossal. 200g is not colossal. They're so überwrong. But I give them large. The self styled gourmet burger restaurant wasn't really packed when we arrived at about 7.30pm. The waiters which look like they're in police uniform brought us the menu. The menu as seen in the picture, it's elongated and rather difficult to flip through because it was so überstiff. So fast forward, we grabbed ourselves a sirloin burger and a Hoegaarden each with their regular bucket of fries to share. One would notice that the condiment dispensers (squeeze bottles) on the table didn't really look überchic or überstylish for a gourmet restaurant. In fact, it looks übercoffeshoplike. This place feels like a less crass setup of Billy Bombers with an open-concept kitchen manned by staff that didn't really look like chefs of any sort to me. I don't know if I'll ever plunk "1-oh-1$" for a piece of marbled ground meat in bread with those cooks.

So there, the sirloin burgers. Thick beef patties topped with a slice of tomato, thick sliced onion and fried garlic in a lightly toasted bun dense with sesame seeds. And what the menu called the übersalad on the side was actually just some rockets, romaine lettuce and some pine nuts with a squeeze of olive oil. Straight up, the patty was pretty good. It's as thick as Botak Burgers patty, of higher quality and literally bloody juicy (at least it was for medium doneness). I don't think I managed to capture the bloody and juice in the photo though. The über-potato fries were actually value for the buck even when compared fast food. For "three $ 50", one could get a small bucket of thick cut fries.

I enjoyed the burger. It was better than many. Not having tried their signature #101, I couldn't comment on their gourmet status. The service although polite was far from being prompt. I make references to the waiters staring into space with their backs at you, daydreaming while you try to get their attention.


Junie said...

u really must go up the mt emily and try their burger.

fatpig said...

"you really must go up mt emily and try their burger" sounds like those ancient sword fighting show dialogues where they like to say "you must go up mount xxx to learn kungfu and avenge your family blah blah blah" lol