Sunday, September 19, 2021

Spicy Chocolate Chicken from Mom's Touch

Mom's Touch, spicy chocolate chicken

What do we have here? Halloween's treats from Mom's Touch with a Freaky Chicken set? What could the spicy chocolate chicken be? I needed to find out.

Mom's Touch, spicy chocolate chicken

I had initially thought that they would ladle chocolate sauce onto the fried chicken. Instead, they dunked each piece of the fried chicken into a pot of chocolate sauce and coated them thoroughly. That chocolate sauce looked thick and rich. Could smell it before we even put our noses to the fried birds.

Mom's Touch, spicy chocolate chicken

It was too much chocolate sauce. Besides the little heat that managed to push through from the spicy fried chicken beneath, it was mostly chocolate flavour. Which was the problem. 

While it wasn't crazily sweet, the minuscule heat didn't integrate well with the thick chocolate which was overwhelming by virtue of quantity. Couldn't get any of the savoury from the fried batter. Everything got cloy pretty fast. Would have worked out better if it were some sort of spicy chilli chocolate sauce in less excessive amounts. Chocolate flavoured chicken breast takes time getting used to and I'm not getting any more used to them after today.

Mom's Touch, coleslaw

Coleslaw was thankfully not sweet and served as a reprieve from all the thick gooey chocolate.

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