Friday, September 10, 2021

Catching seasonals, variations and regulars at Atout

Atout, ribeye kampot pepper crust

This was our first time back at Atout since the world got brought down to its knees. The last time we had food from the restaurant was home delivery more than a year back. 

Atout, clam saffron soup with scallop dumplings

While this looked that the lobster bisque we've been getting almost every time we were here, it's not. This was clam & saffron soup with scallop dumplings. Very nice creamy saffron flavour that was velvety like soup can be and I liked those sweet scallop dumplings.

Atout, cod liver pate

That's cod liver pate - the thing that we almost always order. Kinda hard to get past this even with the home delivery we did.

Atout, brittany artichoke

Brittany artichokes are in season so we got ourselves one. These were steamed like those that we used to get at Le Bistrot du Sommelier. But unlike those from those we used to get at Le Bistrot du Sommelier, these were noticeably smaller.

Atout, heart of artichoke

Smaller artichokes meant smaller scales which meant less edible portions at the based of the scales to nibble at. But the heart of it was still delicious.

Atout, ribeye kampot pepper crust

We've had their ribeye au poivre in brandy sauce a couple of times. Those were crusted with regular black pepper. Today, we went with the one with yellow Kampot pepper crust which we were told was less spicy. We couldn't tell the difference. But it was a delicious peppery steak. 

Atout, sauteed mirabelle plums

What we were looking forward to were their sautéed Mirabelle plums. They were in season and their season is short. Those plums weren't overly sweet and had a tartness that reminded us of apricots - balanced with a creaminess from the ice cream and crunch from the sweet crumbles sprinkled on. 

Atout, coffee


Atout, Dempsey

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