Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The milkfish from Milkfish. And other stuff....

Milkfish, grilled milkfish belly

We came back to Milkfish and ordered one of their sets which featured the eponymous dish - grilled belly of milkfish. From what I gathered, it's the same as the Filipino bangus. Tender, somewhat flaky but not so firm in texture. Cooked with a glaze which might have been sweet/dark soya sauce with some garlic. Pretty delicious but doesn't have the intensity of say a well done gindara teriyaki

Milkfish, hae cho fried prawn rolls

Deep fried prawn rolls/hae cho were pretty good with their light crispy skin and was packed with moist pork/prawn stuffings. No unpleasant bits of herb/vegetable that I didn't like hiding inside and ruining the taste.

Milkfish, tofu century egg pork floss

Chilled tofu, century egg and pork floss...tasted like they looked. These are pretty common these days and this was just another one of those.

Milkfish, Raffles City

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