Thursday, August 26, 2021

Milkfish, Raffles City

Milkfish, Raffles City

Stumbled upon Milkfish (#B1-44F Raffles City Shopping Centre, tel : +65 6254 4946) at the spot that used to sell Thai food at the basement of Raffles City. It also happened that we were looking for something that wasn't heavy and seafood soup sounded good. So we took a closer peek at their menu and decided to give them a try.

Milkfish, tomato plum soda

Milkfish has signature soup set that comes with a drink. This was their tomato plum soda - basically tomato and preserved plums in some...soda. The tomato flavour came through but I couldn't taste the preserved plums - which was odd. 

Milkfish, seafood soup set

So that signature set came with a bowl of seafood soup with some condiments, an "oriental salad" and a choice of carbs. I was thinking of no carbs this time but because of their chilli sauce, my brown rice vermicelli was the first to be inhaled. That chilli sauce was vibrantly lime-y - kinda similar to the ones they have at Putien.

The flavour of the soup tasted more fish than seafood. Pleasantly tasty but it's not the very intense type. Seafood quality was good. That block of meat patty in there (the thing that some might mistaken for a cube of yam) - that was delicious. 

Milkfish, marinated chilled tomatoes

There's marinated chilled tomato in the set. That's what the menu called it anyways but the tomatoes tasted like they were macerated.

Milkfish, oriental salad

The "oriental salad" looked like something from a popular neighbouring restaurant. Said neighbouring restaurant has more salt and vinegar and hence, was much more tasty.

Milkfish, fish chopsticks

A fishy end on their chopsticks.

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