Monday, August 02, 2021

Al Dawood Kambing Soup, Tiong Bahru Food Centre

Al Dawood Kambing Soup

I noticed this stall (#02-36 Tiong Bahru Food Centre, 30 Seng Poh Road) recently and didn't recall having seen them before. What caught my attention was that they had lamb tongue and brains for their kambing soup.

Al Dawood Kambing Soup, kambing soup bread

So one bowl of lamb tongue and brains to go with some of the stale-ish porous bread that was good for sponging up all the soup. Portion was pretty big and might feed two. $13.20 in total with bread and takeaway containers.

Al Dawood Kambing Soup, brain and tongue

Was pretty good. That soup was well spiced and appropriately salted (which meant I shouldn't be eating this with regularity) - a much better rendition than what I've previously had at Habib's Power Mee Stall. The tongue came in larger chunks if I had to compare with what was served at Bahrakath Mutton Soup King. Assuming I were to have my eyes closed and asked to describe the chunky (also) pieces of brain, I'd say it tasted very similar to meaty metallic fish eggs. Just the flavour, not so much the texture. 

Al Dawood Kambing Soup, Tiong Bahru Food Centre

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