Monday, August 30, 2021

Revisiting Soi Thai Soi Nice

Soi Thai Soi Nice, rice

Soi Thai Soi Nice, green curry chicken

For some reasons I had ordered the green curry thinking it was tom kha gai. Wasn't until it arrived that I realized that mistake. Pretty edible but we've had creamier ones which we thought were nicer.

Soi Thai Soi Nice, prawn cakes

Got those prawn cakes which we though were pretty good the last time round. Today's were served with achar - very similar to the ones from my grandma that I grew up eating. Nice. 

Soi Thai Soi Nice, oyster omelette

We've been trying to order their omelette with cha om since the last time but haven't been successful since they claimed to be out of cha om on both occasions. We ended up with the one with oyster which was pretty good stuff as well. The floury crisp on the surface and edges were deliciously savoury while the moist eggy interior were loaded with bean sprouts and more plump oysters.

Soi Thai Soi Nice, khao kha moo

They do a pretty tasty khao kha moo. The meat and skin from the trotters were slurp off the bone tender in a herbal stewing sauce served with boiled eggs and tau kwa.

Soi Thai Soi Nice, Raffles City

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