Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Lawry's 2021

Lawry's, horseradishes and Yorkshire pudding

We were so looking forward to our annual trip to Lawry's. Pretty glad that the dine out restrictions has been relaxed a little for the people who have been vaccinated.

Lawry's, bread butter

So, the bread has changed. For some reasons, it's not longer those hard dinner rolls. It's some soft sweet buns now.

Lawry's, bone in Lawry's cut

We had a new carver today who was grappling with getting sliced prime rib off the cart. It could have been because today's meat was more sinewy than usual. Never had them so sinewy previously (, , , , , , , , , , 十一, 十二, 十三, 十四, 十五, 十六, 十七).

Lawry's, drippings on the corn

They even dripped mashed potato gravy over the creamed corn while serving. New carver needs to be more careful with that.

Lawry's, sinews and bones

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