Thursday, July 07, 2011

Milk fish and crispy pata from 7107 Flavours

7107 Flavours, milk fish

Curiosity was what got the better of us when the unsuspecting order of milk fish was served down at 7107 Flavours. What we couldn't quite figure out here, was how did all the minced fish stuffings with raisins and green peas got filled out into the unbroken skin of the fish again entirely intact! There weren't any bones in there for that matter and even the head was entirely filled with the marinated minced fish. 

The crispy pata was just as the name implied, full of crispy skin from the pork. The meat was dry and was pretty much saved by the garlic and chilli vinegar on the side there. I didn't think it was impressive enough to ever come back for that again. Their sinigang however, was still as enjoyable as I remember them.

7107 Flavours, crispy pata


Rainbow Runner said...

Check out Jologs' Crispy Pata (Lucky Plaza, 4th floor). I think they have better Crispy Pata than 7107...

The Stuffed Milk Fish is called Rellenong Bangus in Tagalog. The opening behind the fish's head is how the put the stuffing in. The most painstaking task is taking out the minute fish bones of a milkfish. You can check the recipe here if you're keen to try it for yourself :-)


LiquidShaDow said...

Noted and thanks!

red fir said...

There's this corner coffeeshop Kamayan at the junction of Tanjong Pagar Road & Craig Road which sells good pinoy food (everyday dishes to go with rice, think pinoy caifun) & ala minute ala carte dishes like crispy pata & sisig (think cze char). Food's pretty good & inexpensive. This place is popular amongst those who work around there. Can give it a try.