Monday, July 18, 2011

Paradise Dynasty, ION Orchard

Paradise Dynasty, ION Orchard

Perhaps it had been that very recent trip down to the Ramen Champion stadium that I had felt that the la mian at Paradise Dynasty (2 Orchard Turn, #04-12A ION Orchard, tel : +65 6509 9118) lacked punch. While the flavors of the broth in the ramen had been salty and "in your face" impactful, this pork bone broth in the la mian appeared to be refined and subtle. Just like the difference between karate and taichi. If that means anything. Hiiieeeyaaah!

Paradise Dynasty, ION Orchard

This was my first visit down to a restaurant by the Paradise Group. The food concept for Paradise Dynasty, is northern and southern Chinese. I's vague. At least superficially it is.

Paradise Dynasty, egg loaf

The egg loaf above was made of century egg, salted egg and omelette. Apart from being egg-y, it was rather bland.

Paradise Dynasty, truffle xiao long bao

What this restaurant is well known for, are their xiao long bao. These black skinned ones above are black truffle flavour. To be honest, the black truffle was subtle and little. One would have to be consciously tasting the dumpling instead of gobbling them down to recognize that there was actually something else lurking inside them. On the other hand, these xiao long baos did taste a lot like the original versions, not detracting much from their original porky taste.

These are the foie gras flavoured versions of the xiao long bao. Like the black truffle variety, the flavour from the foie was subtle. But I have to admit that this place makes a pretty decent pork and fat dumpling.

Paradise Dynasty, shaoxing chicken

These chilled Shaoxing marinated drunken chicken were great. Flavour from the wine was thoroughly seeped into the soft flesh of the bird. Will likely to order these again if I come back.

Paradise Dynasty, mala beef innards

Regretted ordering the mala beef innards. I suppose I didn't really enjoy the spices and that it was filled with chopped coriander. With all the spiciness, I couldn't really taste much of the beef.

Paradise Dynasty, la mian

In spite of the earlier comparison, I had actually enjoyed the la mian here. Sure these silky noodles weren't the chewy or firm ones that I normally prefer. But these noodles were suppose to be another thing entirely. This place also did a much better job out of the molten yolked boiled egg. Fresh sweetness of the scallops and crab legs were also very apparent in the seafood here. Surprised and pleasantly so.

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