Monday, July 11, 2011

Yonehachi, Takashimaya basement

I had been intending to drop by this place for a while, my curiosity piqued by the attractive looking sticky steamed rice that they always have on display down at the front of their counter. Apparently, the rice that the stall is famed from are a little different from the regular short grained rice that is used for most Japanese cooking. These ones are used to make mochi.

The sansai okowa and salmon okowa rice options from the shokado okowa set from Yonehachi (391 Orchard Road, #B204-1/2 Takashimaya Food Hall, Ngee Ann City, tel : +65 6333 8227) tasted a lot lighter and healthier than I had expected. The only thing that was fried from the bento was the oysters and I've to say that to my pleasant surprise, they weren't too shabby neither. The rest of the dishes on the side had been stewed or simmered vegetables and a miso soup. Oh, and also a little dish of what appeared to be some sort of tartar sauce filled with onions and chopped eggs. That was good, especially with the oysters.

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