Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Whence came this strawberry shortcake?

This was, as one could term it - baked by loving hands. Freshly home baked chiffon dressed in light buttery cream with strawberries and nicely chilled in the fridge. Very little of them survived the first evening.


TheCoolDude said...

Do you have the recipe for this?

LiquidShaDow said...

Emailed you.

Janalin said...

omigosh.....i can almost feel and taste the moistness, the plumpness, the creaminess....this looks better than even the professional ones outside. I absolutely LOVE strawberry shortcake.......I hope you don't think me too forward to ask if the baker takes orders? If she does I'm thrilled (>does a happy dance< ala snoopy style)and do you mind filling me in on the details of how I would go about ordering ?
Thank you so much and thank you for sharing.
A fan of your blog,

LiquidShaDow said...

Hi Janalin.

The baker unfortunately does not take orders. At least not at this point of time. But I will convey your kind words to her. I'm sure she will be glad to hear them.

ah Teo said...

Hi Janalin,

How many were u thinking of ordering? Thank you for your kind words. Do let me know. :o)

Janalin said...

Hi Ah Teo
(thanks for your reply Liquid Shadow)
I just wanted to order one cake....for myself. :)
Are you the baker? If you are, kudos on a gorgeous looking strawberry shortcake and from the looks of it, I know the taste is heavenly. If you don't do orders, It's okay, I understand. But if you do (this is my lucky day then), can I ask what the charges are like? Thanks so much for taking the time to reply.