Thursday, July 14, 2011

A seafood dinner at Greenwood

This seafood platter was a deviation from an old favorite we hadn't had for a while and it all came about from a sudden craving for seafood. It was also quite a long while back since I had last visited Greenwood (34 Greenwood Avenue, Hillcrest Park, tel : +65 6467 4950) and I did not even realize that they had an extended unit for seats in their restaurant.

As things would have it, we started off with a mekajiki toro. Also known as swordfish belly.

And then, there was a lobster bisque which was really not too bad if I had to make the call. The crustacean flavors were apparent and while I wasn't close to being blown away by it, I couldn't slam the soup neither.

There was honestly mixed feelings for me on this. While I did enjoy the sweet and spicy dressing of their octopus salad on the aside and the deep fried calamari wasn't as dreadfully boring a grease bomb I was thinking, I felt far from being impressed. The lobster was a little tough and the fish skewers were in need of a little salt. We left the place thinking to ourselves that it was all just okay. Is this one of the better seafood platter offerings to be had on this island?

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