Sunday, October 10, 2010

7107 Flavours, Marina Square

This place (6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-02 Marina Square tel : +65 6334 7107) was not bad at all. Sure things were a little pricey and service could be a little spotty, but I thought that the food more than made up for it.

We might have gotten a little overboard there with all these dishes, not knowing that the portions were so large. The flavors were definitely rich as well from the vibrant tangy tamarind flavors of sinigang (there were 9 prawns in that soup!) to the artery clogging Taba ng Talangka which came across like a both nutty and crabby gravy with consistency similar to satay sauces, but was actually described as sauteed crab fat in olive oil, garlic and calamansi juice. Adding to the heart burn was the kare kare stew in a thick peanut sauce which was a good thing, but not as fragrant as I was hoping for. Pretty much everything we got today was telling me to chug along with extra portions of rice.

Not forgetting the nicely done grilled squids stuffed with a tomato onion salsa with an enjoyable char aroma.

What did I not like so much about this place? I wished there were more than just one miserable piece of oxtail in the kare kare as it was mostly tripe in the stew and the leche flan did reminded me of gulab jamun. Too damned sweet for my liking.

I sure hoped that the generous amounts of freshly cooked vegetables and green mango juice helps offset some of that richness and cholesterol. But who am I kidding here......

Taba ng Talangka sa Olive Oil


kare kare

Inihaw na pusit

leche flan

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