Thursday, September 30, 2021

Caffé B, Club Street

Caffé B, Club Street

We first noticed Caffé B (64 Club Street, tel  : +65 6887 3311) years ago when they were at MBS. They've moved to Club Street since, have been operating there for some time and eventually announced that they were closing for good at the end of September 2021. We visited about a couple of weeks before that. 

These guys by the way are Japanese Italian. Like Trattoria La Vita, Trattoria Pizzeria Logic, goo Italiano, Luka and Enoteca L'Operetta.

Caffé B, sarada

That's salad.

Caffé B, bread

And bread. They were served to everyone who ordered food.  

Caffé B, farmer' egg with sea urchin

We ordered Farmer's Egg with sea urchin. This was good. The menu description was clam cream espuma, shio kombu, lemon jam, chives, caviar. Pretty sure most of the ingredients were lost to me. I identified the lemon jam, clam cream, uni and molten yolk. 👍🏼

Caffé B, hokkaido sea urchin cold capellini

Loved the sea urchin capellini with ikura. There's a lot more stuff in it though. Like shoyu, white truffle oil, julienned ohba leaf, shio kombu and chives. Pretty sure there's EVOO as well. The flavour is not unique. There're plenty of restaurants, especially Japanese ones that have a few tweaked recipes of their own which tastes similar. Doesn't stop these from being good though.

Caffé B, pepperocino shirasu spaghetti

What I thought was outstanding was their pepperocino shirasu spaghetti. Look at how fine those shirasu are. The flavour was a good balance between the light heat from the chilli pepper, toasted garlic and the brininess from those shirasu.

Caffé B, cold cuts

This came after the pasta because we ordered it midway. Cold cuts of prosciutto di Parma, speck, coppa/capocollo and Mortadella. Prosciutto was very good. There was a sweet and full body to the taste that was beyond many of the cheap hams that gets put into a generic salumi platter. Loved the smokiness from the coppa and speck.

Caffé B, lobster risotto

Lobster risotto also pretty good. There's a whole lobster of meat pairing with the flavour in the rice which was a good balance of tomato, butter and crustacean. That and the parmesan cheese crisp.

Caffé B, coffee

I liked Caffé B. A pity that they aren't going to be around anymore.

Caffé B, Club Street

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