Monday, October 12, 2020

Even more pasta and pizza from Trattoria Pizzeria Logic

Trattoria Pizzeria Logic - burro e acciughe

Here's us back in a particular neighbourhood's friendly Japanese Italian trattoria/pizzeria/thingy. I've been wanting to try their burro e acciughe for a while so that's finally happened. Butter and anchovies, didn't that already sound good? Loved this pizza for how all the component flavours which also included Mozzarella and basil came through. 

Trattoria Pizzeria Logic - porcini fettuccine truffles

On the specials menu was a fettuccine with porcini sauce. Sauce that came with chunks of porcini. Topped the pasta with additional 5gs of black truffles. Grams not grands. Enjoyed it. Pasta was well tossed which did a good job with coating the noodles with the sauce. If anything could be improved, it would be more shaven cheese for more salt. 

Trattoria Pizzeria Logic - lamb chops

Tried their lamb chops. Medium doneness turned out more like medium well. They also neglected to mention that there was rosemary in it. It's not bad per se but we prefer our lamb chops unadulterated beside salt and pepper. Their tomato sauce was great though. The chunks of tomatoes in it were so sweet. I wonder if that sweetness was natural. Anyways, I liked it enough to wipe the plate pretty much clean with the cornicione of the pizza.

Trattoria Pizzeria Logic

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