Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Ramen Kiou, &JOY Dining Hall @ Great World

I've been wanting to come back to &JOY at Great World to try Ramen Kiou. Don't know much about them except that they're from Osaka. After some "research" I also came upon the realization that most of the media event bloggers are equally clueless.

Ramen Kiou - tomato cheese ramen

Was largely drawn to the tomato cheese ramen because I was curious about the tomato broth. I got a bowl with extra cheese. The flavour was a sweet tanginess from the tomatoes coupled with a cheesy rich viscosity and aroma from basil. Not bad.

Ramen Kiou - tonkotsu shoyu ramen

Their tonkotsu looked nice so we got a deluxe bowl of their shoyu tonkotsu ramen. Broth was milky and robust with that porcine punch. This was like Bari-Uma with with lesser shoyu. Pretty enjoyable. In fact, I thought better of this than my last experience with Ikkousha

Eggs were not marinated in shoyu. Charshu was fatty and so tender they were breaking apart when we picked them up with chopsticks. Had a nice smokey flavour from the pronounced caramelization which I thought also imparted a faint bit of the smokiness into the broth.

Ramen Kiou - ebi chahan

And for dessert, their ebi chahan. Good stuff under the radar here. The first thing that got me was the aroma from the dried sakura ebi. But oddly when I put my nose up close for a whiff, I couldn't smell it anymore. Anyways, this was filled with the shredded bits of their charshu which imparted its brand of flavour into the fried rice as well. That and the sakura ebi. I recommend having this with the takana they provide. 

Criticism? Those little shrimps that looked/tasted "processed".

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